Healing in the news timeline

 Here are a handful of faith healing stories that have been in the news over the last few years. The news are full of stories about the negative side to faith healing, and it seems there are very few portraying it in a positive light. Please note revealing faith healing is not responsible for the YouTube or outside link content.


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Faith healing hit the headlines in the UK recently after Atheist blogger Hayley Stevens, host of the Righteous Indignation podcast,appealed to the Advertising Standards Agency over the national healing group, Healing on the Streets, claims that they can cure illness. Hayley came across a leaflet from the Bath branch that claimed that the group could heal people from illnesses such as Cancer , Depression and Asthma  Read the full story on the Daily Mail website here or read our exclusive interview with Hayley Stevens here.


The faith healing television channel, Believe, was fined £25,000 by  Ofcom over a series of breaches. These included televangelist, Paul Lewis, who claimed that he could help individuals suffering from  serious illnesses using “miracle olive oil soap”, and Bishop Climate Irungu who stated that being anointed with products such as olive oil, soap and Ribena could also heal.Read more on the story here, or watch a similar advert on this YouTube clip:


Zachery Swezey died when his appendix burst and he did not receive medical attention

Parents of 17-year old Zachery Swezey have been charged with second-degree murder after their son died of a burst appendix.

Zachery died in 2009 in Carlton after his parents failed to provide medical help for the teenager as the belonged to a Church that supports faith healing.

Read more on Zachery Sweezey’s death from the News Tribune here.


Oregon residents Brandi Bellew and Russel Bellew have been found guilty of Manslaughter of their son’s death. Austin Sprout,16, died in December when his parents refused to seek medical help for his illness, relying on faith healing instead. The cause of his death has not been release. Watch this news clip from YouTube:



 Dale and Shannon Hickman were convicted of manslaughter, after their baby, David Hickman, died. The premature baby was born with a bacterial infection and underdeveloped lungs, and never received medical treatment. His parents belonged to Followers of Christ Church,  Oregon,and chose to pray for their son in a bid to heal him. Read the full story on the CBS website here.



Three people in London with HIV have died after they stopped taking life saving medicine.

The women all of whom attended  churches in London, were encouraged to stop taking the antiretroviral drugs in the belief that God would heal them. Read the BBC report.



A couple who prayed rather than seeking medical attention for their diabetic daughter have been sentenced to jail.

Dale and Leilani Neumann, of Wisconsin,ordered the couple to serve one month in jail each year for the next six years for their daughters death. 2008 death of Madeline Neumann, who was known as Kara.

Their 11-year-old Madeline Neumann known as Kara died of an undiagnosed but treatable form of diabetes. Read the BBC story here.



Neal Beagley,16, from Oregon died of uremic heart failure caused by a stricture in his urinary tract. The teenager was a member of a faith healing church and refused treatment for his illness, although suffering from agonising stomach pains and shortness of breath. Watch this YouTube video for more information:



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