• The topic of faith healing isn't just for Christians. Whether you believe in the power of God or not, you are bound to have an opinion on the subject. Whether you think that it is discrediting the Church, or you have amazing tales of cures it's one of those subjects where there is no sitting on the fence.

    So what is faith healing? Faith healing is healing that is thought to be brought about by prayer or laying of hands and asking for Jesus to heal.There have been claims that faith can cure a multitude of health complaints from blindness, cancer, AIDS and various injuries.

    But does faith healing belong in the modern world? The publicity that the subject is getting these days portray it in a completley different light.

    In 2011 a petition began circualting to stop parents with children under the age of 18 from relying solely on faith healing and stopping conventional medicine. This came after numerous reported deaths of children from treatable conditions, after parents relied on healing.

    I have come into this journey as an Atheist, actively seeking to explore the subject from a journalist's perspective. So follow my blog to see the people I meet as I try and answer some difficult questions on the subject.

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Question Time with Hayley Stevens

Hayley Stevens hit the headlines recently over her public fallout with the Bath branch of the healing group, Healing on the Streets. Find out what happened and what Hayley thinks about the whole topic of faith healing . So who is Hayley Stevens? “I’m a skeptical researcher who tends to specialise in anomalous phenomena – … Continue reading

What is the link between Demons and illness?

Founder and lead director of Carolina Paranormal Investigations (CPI) Dennis Carroll, has been researching the paranormal for over 30 years. He is a scholar of the Bible, religion and demonology, aswell as a published author and certified paranormal investigator. Revealing Faith Healing asked the demonologist about demons themselves, and whether demons can cause illness. What … Continue reading

Angie AntiTheist shares her thoughts on faith healing

Popular YouTube vlogger and atheist blogger, Angie Jackson, aka Angie the AntiTheist, explains her views on the topic of faith healing and what it was like to be the granddaughter of Carol Balizet. What would you say your religion is and why? “I don’t have a religion these days. If I had to align myself with a … Continue reading

Christian Science

Next week I will be meeting Christian Science practitioner Peter Jackson, and will be asking him what Christian Science is, what it means, and what his role is as a Christian Science practitioner. But most importantly the question I will be asking is why do some Christians stop taking medicine to rely solely on faith healing? Whether … Continue reading

Rivers of grace conference

Today I met Geraldine Elliot- Smith, a retired GP and member of The Order of Jacob’s Well, a Christian healing ministry based in South Wales. Geraldine met with me along with Carolyn and Derek Balaam, who attend the New Life Church in New Milton,  to promote an upcoming healing conference in March. The Rivers of Grace conference … Continue reading

Meet Hope FM’s Kevin Potter

Meet Kevin Potter. He’s the Station and Programme Manager at the Christian community radio station Hope FM, based at the YMCA in Bournemouth.  I asked him about the spiritual side to Faith Healing and whether Demons can cause illness. Listen to the full interview here:

Interview with Dr. Bill Merrington

Meet Dr. Bill Merrington. He’s a theologist, an ex-chemist, a forensic scientist and he is currently Bournemouth University’s Chaplain. I asked him about faith healing from a theological perspective; what the term means and what he thinks of those who have stopped taking medicine to rely on faith healing alone. Listen to the full interview … Continue reading

My healing experience

The main inspiration for my project was my own experiences with Migraines. This is something that I have struggled with since the age of about 13 and after numerous trips to both the Doctors and the Hospital  the latest diagnosis has been Migraine with Aura. I control these headaches with medication that I need to take on a regular … Continue reading